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The Marvelettes



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The Marvelettes - Anthology LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. Please Mr. Postman
2. So Long Baby
3. Twistin' Postman
4. Playboy
5. Beechwood 4-5789
6. Someday, Someway
7. Strange I Know


Side B:

1. Locking Up My Heart
2. Forever
3. My Daddy Knows Best
4. As Long As I Know He's Mine
5. He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)
6. You're My Remedy
7. Too Many Fish In The Sea


Side C:

1. I'll Keep Holding On

2. Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead
3. Don't Mess With Bill
4. You're The One
5. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
6. When You're Young And In Love
7. The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other)


Side D:

1. My Baby Must Be A Magician

2. Here I Am Baby
3. Destination: Anywhere
4. I'm Gonna Hold On Long As I Can
5. That's How Heartaches Are Made
6. Marionette
7. A Breath Taking Guy


Motown -  M7-827R2

Jacket has severe shelf wear and foxing. Disc has hairlines and scratches.

Delivery in two weeks (EMS)

Label: Motown


Country: United States

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: GOOD PLUS

Cover condition: VERY GOOD

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