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Men At Work

MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual

MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual

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Men At Work - Business As Usual LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. Foxy
2. Dreaming My Dreams With You

3. Hold Me Like You Never Had Me
4. Love Won't Always Pass You By
5. Killin' Time


Side B:

1. Sweet Talk

2. Love Is No Friend To A Fool
3. Mamma Never Told Me 'Bout You

4. Love With No Strings
5. Two Sides


Columbia - FC 37978

Comes with the original printed inner sleeve (VG - seam split). Jacket has slight shelf wear. Disc has a single hairline. Beautiful copy.

"Business As Usual" by Men At Work is an early '80s new wave and pop rock sensation, featuring the iconic hit "Down Under." The album blends witty lyrics with lively saxophone melodies, capturing the Australian spirit. Its playful and distinct sound propelled Men At Work to international acclaim, defining the musical zeitgeist of the era.

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Label: Columbia

Year: 1982

Country: United States

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

Cover condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

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