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Inoj / Lathun

INOJ - Love You Down (Single) / LATHUN - Freak It (Single)

INOJ - Love You Down (Single) / LATHUN - Freak It (Single)

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Inoj - "Love You Down" (Single) and Lathun - "Freak It" (Single) vinyl record from Japan

Side A (Inoj):

1. Love You Down (Mixologist Mix)

2. Love You Down (Caile & Rizzo Mix)
3. Love You Down (LP Version)


Side B (Lathun):

1. Freak It (Extended LP (Clean Version))

2. Freak It (Slow & Sexy Remix)
3. Freak It (Extended LP (Dirty Version))


Columbia - 44 78802

Jacket has one corner cut, has a signs of wear. Comes with torn original inner sleeve. Disc has lots of small scratches. 

Delivery in two weeks (EMS).

Label: Columbia

Year: 2003

Country: United States

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: GOOD

Cover condition: GOOD

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