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Billy Joel

BILLY JOEL - Songs In The Attic

BILLY JOEL - Songs In The Attic

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Billy Joel - Songs In The Attic LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

2. Summer, Highland Falls
3. Streetlife Serenader
4. Los Angelenos
5. She's Got A Way
6. Everybody Loves You Now


Side B:

1. Say Goodbye To Hollywood

2. Captain Jack
3. You're My Home
4. The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
5. I've Loved These Days


CBS/Sony - 20AP 2130

Comes with insert (VG+), no obi. Jacket has a slight shelf wear. 

"Songs in the Attic" by Billy Joel, released in 1981, is a unique live album featuring a collection of lesser-known tracks from his early albums, reimagined in a concert setting. Standout track "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)" gains new life with its live rendition, showcasing Joel's storytelling prowess and piano skills. This album serves as a bridge between Joel's early work and his rise to stardom, highlighting the depth and versatility of his songwriting. With "Songs in the Attic," Joel not only revisited his past but also showcased the dynamic energy and emotion of his live performances, further cementing his status as a pivotal figure in pop and rock music.

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Label: CBS/Sony

Year: 1981

Country: Japan

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: NEAR MINT

Cover condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

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