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Yumi Matsutoya



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Yumi Matsutoya - 紅雀 LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. 9月には帰らない
2. ハルジョオン・ヒメジョオン
3. 私なしでも
4. 地中海の感傷
5. 紅雀


Side B:

1. 罪と罰
2. 出さない手紙
3. 白い朝まで
4. ランドリーゲイトの想い出
5. 残されたもの


Express - ETP-72303

No obi/insert. Jacket has shelf wear and foxing. Disc has hairlines.

"紅雀 (Kōjaku)" by Yumi Matsutoya, released in 1978, known for its melodious arrangement and Matsutoya's expressive vocals. Yumi Matsutoya, celebrated for her influential role in Japanese pop, showcases her songwriting prowess and versatility in "紅雀," further solidifying her status as an iconic figure in the genre.

Delivery in two weeks (EMS)

Label: Express

Year: 1978

Country: Japan

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

Cover condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

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