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Asami Kado



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Asami Kado - Urara LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. Gin Gin
2. ルナ色の異星人

3. 豪華なたくらみ
4. 進入禁止Boy
5. ゆりかご


Side B:

1. 美姫伝説

2. 東京タワー・シック
3. ニューウェイブアイドル
4. プリンスとジャンパーとプリンセス
5. 120分のコラージュ


Union Records -  UL-11

Comes with insert (VG+), no obi. Jacket has slight shelf wear. 

"Urara" is a Japanese jazz album known for its elegant fusion of traditional Japanese instrumentation with contemporary jazz, featuring the distinct sound of the koto. Asami Kado, celebrated for integrating Japanese classical elements into jazz, creates a serene, culturally rich soundscape in this album.

Delivery in two weeks (EMS)

Label: Union Records

Year: 1984

Country: Japan

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: NEAR MINT

Cover condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

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