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Mayo Shono

MAYO SHONO - Refrain

MAYO SHONO - Refrain

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Mayo Shono - Refrain LP record from Japan

Side A:

1. 風の街角

2. 昨日に乾杯

3. X (エックス)
4. 飛んでイスタンブール
5. あんず恋唄
6. Don't Let Me Down


Side B:

1. フォトグラファー

2. 渚のモニュメント
3. はんもっく
4. 街に疲れて
5. ルフラン


Blow Up - LX-7043-A

Comes with obi (VG - has a small rip), insert (VG+). Jacket has slight shelf wear. 

"Refrain" by Mayo Shono is a Japanese pop album with a blend of city pop and soft rock elements. It's known for its catchy melodies and Shono's clear, expressive vocals. The album captures the essence of Japan's pop scene during its release period, showcasing Shono's talent in crafting relatable, engaging songs. Mayo Shono is recognized for her contributions to the city pop genre and her ability to blend contemporary pop with a distinctly Japanese sensibility.

Delivery in two weeks (EMS)

Label: Blow Up

Year: 1978

Country: Japan

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: NEAR MINT

Cover condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

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