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Hank Williams

HANK WILLIAMS - 42 Of His Greatest Hits Vol. 2

HANK WILLIAMS - 42 Of His Greatest Hits Vol. 2

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Hank Williams - 42 Of His Greatest Hits Vol. 2 LP record from Japan

Blue Songs (1)

Side A:

1. I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You

2. Never Again
3. Please Don't Let Me Love You
4. Take These Chains From My Heart
5. My Love For You
6. A House Without Love
7. The First Fall Of Snow


Side B:

1. Let's Turn Back The Years
2. May You Never Be Alone
3. I Don't Care
4. They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
5. We Live In Two Different Worlds
6. There'll Be No Tear-drops Tonight
7. I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'


Blue Songs (2)

Side C:

1. Singing Waterfall

2. Crazy Heart

3. Six More Miles
4. (Last Night) I Heard You Crying
5. With Tears In My Eyes
6. The Waltz Of The Wind
7. Alone And Forsaken


Side D:

1. Why Should We Try Anymore

2. Faded Love And Winter Roses
3. My Heart Would Know
4. Blue Love (in My Heart)
5. No One Will Ever Know
6. I Wish I Had A Nickel 
7. I Can't Get You Off My Mind


Sacred Songs

Side E:

1. Calling You

2. Message To My Mother
3. When God Comes And Gather His Jewels
4. The Angel Of Death
5. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
6. Ready To Go Home
7. Beyond The Sunset


Side F:

1. I Saw The Light

2. Going Home
3. A House Of Gold
4. Jesus Remembered Me
5. Dear Brother
6. Mother Is Gone
7. How Can You Refuse Him Now


MGM Records - M-368 (9-14)

Box set. Comes with insert (VG+). Box is very worn, outer sleeves of the discs have spots. Discs have some hairlines.

The album is a comprehensive collection of Hank Williams' most significant songs. As a volume 2, it includes some of his later hits and lesser-known tracks, showcasing the breadth of his work. Hank Williams is a pivotal figure in country music history, known for his poignant songwriting and influential style, blending elements of folk, blues, and early country. This collection would be a valuable exploration of his legacy, offering insights into the depth and evolution of his musical career.

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Label: MGM Records

Year: 1964

Country: Japan

Size: 12 inch

Speed: 33rpm

Disc condition: VERY GOOD PLUS

Cover condition: GOOD PLUS

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